August 9, 1945 – Thursday

A4P114-3-600They got us up at 4:30 am this morning and said we were a half hour late already for the plane. We checked out and took off for the airport. The plane was waiting and we went right aboard. Took off at 7 am headed for the the Azones. We landed at the Island of Santa Maria. We were on C 54 plane this time. They told us we would be here about 2 days. We ate chow and fixed up our cots. Went down to the P.X. and then went to a V.O.S. show. They have everything they want on this Island. The meals are wonderful. The bread was just like cake. I am used to scraping the mold off of the bread before I eat it. Walked around in the evening. Went to the beer garden and came home to bed.

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