Operation Shingle – The Invasion of Anzio

On January 22, 1944 Operation Shingle was launched. This was an Allied amphibious landing in the area of Anzio and Nettuno, Italy. The operation was commanded by American Major General John P. Lucas and was intended to outflank German forces and enable an attack on Rome.

The invasion surprised local German commanders, who had been assured by their superiors that an amphibious assault would not take place during January or February. Thus when the landing occurred the Germans were unprepared to react offensively. Major General John P. Lucas was in charge and failed to capitalize on the element of surprise by delaying his advance until he judged his position was sufficiently consolidated and his troops ready.

Within a week, however, as Allied troops consolidated their positions and prepared to break out of the beachhead, the Germans gathered troops to eliminate what Adolf Hitler called the “Anzio abscess.” The next four months would see some of the most savage fighting of World War II.

There are periods of time during the invasion that Chick was unable to keep up his diary.  Some days he still wrote a letter to his Mother & Dad.  In most cases, he tried to describe the missing days when he was again able to write.

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