3rd Division Combat Engineers mentioned in the Diary

Alexander, Jerome G.; T/5
Badali, Vincent A.; T/4
Bland, George L,; Sgt | KIA
Bowen, Paul H.; T/5
Breunig, Norbert C.; Pfc.
Bruns, Charles F.; T/5
Butts, Noriss D.; T/4
Cook, Albert H.; Capt
Council, William E., Jr.; Pfc
Cozatt, Perry C., Jr; Pvt
Culbertson, James W.; Sgt | KIA
Cushman, Walter W.; S/Sgt
DeCesare, Daniel; Sgt | Nickname: Dago
DeVoss, Albert A.; Cpl
Durgen, John; T/5
Fisher, Albert J.; Pfc
Giese, Clayton O.; S/Sgt
Gray, William A.; Pvt.
Grosch, Francis J.; T/5
Hitchcock, Oren W.; Cpl | KIA
Iacuzzi, Joseph T.; T/4
Kelly, Donald; Pvt.
Kubik, Edwin F.; T/4
Lawson, Edward W.; 2nd Lt. | KIA
Levesque, Adelard, WOJG
Maddalozzo, John; Pfc.
Makepeace, William R.; 1st Lt.
Melgard, Howard A.; T/5
Miner, Vere W.; T/5
Nachtigal, James J.; T/4
Odegard, Gustave; T/5 | KIA
Oneto, John L. Jr.; Pvt
Peacock, William E.; Pvt | KIA
Perry, William S.; Pfc.
Pryz, Joseph S.; Pfc
Reeves, Carl R.; T/5
Richmond, Thomas D.; Pvt
Ross, Delmar
Sassin, Raymond F.; Pvt
Seal, Clyde E.; Pfc.
Schladweiler, Raymond J.; Sgt. | Nickname: Schlad
Shneidt, Paul F.; T/5
Slattum, Ralph E.; Pfc
Stegall, Deward H.; T/5
Swanson, Quentin D.; S/Sgt
Tolliver, Alvin, Jr.; T/5
Towslee, Donald J.; Pfc | KIA
Uttech, Gordon C.; T/5
Watters, Joseph A.; T/5
Weichert, Rogus W.; Pvt
Wellman, Kleon B.; S/Sgt
Werner, Leonard L.; Cpl.
Workman, Carl J.; Pvt | KIA
Wynegarde, Marsh; Sgt
Zirkel, Robert R.; T/4


Oral History Interview: Charles Bruns of Champaign
WILL AM-FM-TV, Urbana Illinois – Central Illinois WWII Stories

Oral History Project, University Laboratory High School
University of Illinois, Urbana – Champaign

Second World War History

Dogface Soldiers, 3rd Division in WWII






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