August 8, 1945 – Wednesday

A4P107-5-600We were up at 2:30 and it was raining a little. Went over and got a cup of coffee. Turned in our cots and blankets. Drew our barracks bag and went out to wait for the trucks to come pick us up and take us to the airport. Boy, did it ever pour down rain. I just got soaking wet. Thr trucks came about 4:30 and we loaded on. It rained on us most of the way to the airport. We got to the airport at about 6:30. The air crew helped us put on our MaeWest and parachute harness. The first plane took off at 7 o’clock and as we were in plane 16, we didn’t leave till 7:50 am. We loaded in the plane at 7:30 and taxied out to the runway. We are in a new Fortress of which had only been on about 35 combat missions. We traveled at 6 and 8 thousand feet and it was smooth as could be. We passed over the Rock of Gibralter and also over the beach of Fedela where we landed 34 months ago today. We landed in -Casablanca at 1:30 pm. They took us to our area where we drew our blankets, ate and got a little sleep. We went up to the P.X. in the evening and then to a show. Men are leaving all the time here.

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