Nov 9, 1942 – Monday

We were up bright and early this morning and what were we greeted by but 15 German bombers.  We shot down tow of them and the rest flew away.  Later they came back and bombed and strafed the beach.  So far casualties have been few but we don’t know how many dead are in the city.  we are getting  ready to go over the side now so I will finish this when I can.  We went to our stations but only part of us went to shore the rest of us will land in at the docks.  What will happen from now I cannot tell.

(Editors note:  It appears that Chick was unable to write for a few days and made the following updates to catch up)

Well today is  Friday and I will try to put the rest of the days together the best I can.  We had no sooner hit the beach when the bombers came back.  Boy did we go for cover.  You could see every one falling flat on their stomachs all over .  Tuesday I loaded our guns and were going to try and hit a couple but they were miles high.  Ever the anti air craft couldn’t tough them.  We then took our equipment up to a school house and put it in one of the rooms that had been shelled.  Our first Sgt came and took four of us  to work on a railroad.  It was an old time charcoal burning engine and only we started it and ran it about a block and the axle broke so we spent the night fixing it.  We got the bed a 4am.  We slept on the ground with out bedding at all

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