Nov 20, 1942 – Friday

Today we are to have an inspection and we will probably have to give some of our clothes to the fellow that lost all of theirs in the sinking of the ships.  I forgot to tell that the other night the Germans sank another ship.   Also another big convoy of ships came in with men and supplies.  One of the fellows that was in the wreck died this morning.  He was married and his wife was going to have a baby.  I spent the afternoon making out reports on the articles of the two dead men.  One was the only man we lost in action.  One of our men is still missing.  Guess I will go to bed.  We have a portable radio and Victrola here and we have been listing to short play made up on recording.  one was Fred McMurry and Barbara Stanwick  which is “Balls of Fire”  Boy the radio sure brings back memories of home.  We also can get programs on short wave at different times during the day.  We are six hour difference than the time back home.

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