March 21, 1944 – Tuesday

SONY DSCWe arrived at the rest camp at 6:30pm. We pitched our tent and then went to the show. We saw Bill Powell and Hedy Lamar. We ate breakfast at 8:00am and then went to the show. This time we saw Spencer Tracy and Irene Dunne in “A Guy Named Joe.” It was really swell. This was a nice rest camp. Big pine trees all around. Looked like a big park without the benches. At least it was quiet for a change. Weichert and I came in for the rations, and when we got back we both took showers. Gee but the water was swell. First bath since Jan 21st on the LST before we landed here. We went to the show again at night, but they had the same show and so we came back and played cards. Jerry planes came over and bombed the harbor so we had to quit playing cards and went to bed.

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