Letter Home – September 23, 1944

19440923-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad

Here I am again with nothing to say except it’s raining & that makes things pretty miserable. I wish the weather would change as bad weather slows down the war and I want to get this dang thing over with. Even though I won’t be home for a while I can at least stop sweating.

I had to laugh at Gee’s letter, she said Bud was griping about eating “K” rations because his outfit was in combat. Ha, ha, I just wonder how close he ever gets in a Headquarters Co. Unless his outfit is different then the rest of the signal outfits, he is way behind. But we will never find out until I get to see him. But I’m afraid Snook and I will have it all over him.

I haven’t had a letter from Snook yet so I can’t tell you much about him, as far as I know, I he still back where he landed.

Times have changed here somewhat, the Jerries are taking everything so that makes it bad for us. Guess this is all for now By By & I’ll write again soon. Say hello to all for me.

Your Son,

PS. The mail comes faster than regular mail. I received the film papers & books today.

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