Letter Home – October 14, 1944

19441014a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad

Boy it’s been a long time since I last wrote home but it just couldn’t be helped. There is times like these in the army. I know you and dad do a lot of worrying when my letters do not arrive, but every now and then, I guess it has to be that way. There is so many are reasons why you can’t write at times that they are unable to explain. So please don’t worry if my mail is a little slow. Tell everyone that even your letters are slow coming and not too expect mail from me for a while. When I get the time or I’m able to write a few letters I will. Someday we will get to rest and then I’ll have time to catch up.

19441014b-Lscan-600There is very little too right about here and the newspapers tell you more than I can put in a letter. I hate to say it but this war is going to last a lot longer than the people back home to realize. If it’s over by my birthday it will be lucky. Everyone is closing in on Germany from all sides so it can’t last much more than spurring. Of course, I want to come home, but I can sweat out my time over here, that much better if this war would only end.

We still have a time cooking “spuds” every way we can think of. Last night we made some “French fries” and they were very good. I hope things keep on like they are now as long as we are going to spend another winter of war. Last year we spent the winter in tents, so far we have been lucky enough to find buildings are houses. The pour infantry kids are the ones I feel sorry for. That foxhole sleeping is no good. I learn that from Anzio. Goodbye to you both & I wrote this and a cot and of a hurry so maybe you will have a hard time translating it. I love you both from the bottom of my heart. By By

Your Son,

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