Letter Home – March 7, 1943

19430307-600-LscanDear Mother & Dad;

Well today is Sunday again so I had better catch up on my letter writing. You tell everyone at home, that I only answer the letters that are wrote to me. That keeps me plenty busy though. I went into town today to the cathedral to mass. I was glad I went afterwards, there was a bishop there. It was high mass and the Bishop, in talking to the people, talked in French, so I didn’t get much out of it, but what ever he was saying, he was sure laying the log down to them. Things are awful client around here this afternoon. I wrote in my last letter and ask you to send me a pipe, but since then I have received a letter from you telling me how you got to send me a watch, so I guess you won’t be able to send me a pipe. The first chance to get though do so. As for the paper I hope you send it as I can keep up on all of the news at home and if the paper comes through a publisher it will go through. We can now tell about living in a cork Forrest. This is the first time that I knew that cork grew on trees. I always thought that they grew on bush’s. We can now say something of how we live also. As for me I live in eight large pyramidal tent, by myself, ha, ha, and the rest of the supplies. The rest of the Fellows really have their pup tents fixed up nice, or as nice as they can to make them feel just a little more comfortable. They have dug down in the ground about 2 feet and then have covered the sides in the bottom with woven mats made of straw. They have made their own little stove out of tin cans, and it is surprising of how warmed they can get it of an evening. You ask if I heard from Rita? Yes I guess I hear more than all of you put together. She just needs to write letters, but I know she should do better. Well I guess I had better bring this to a close now, so goodbye and tell every one polo for me into write to me. Then are you still taking care of my shotgun and rifles and pistols. Don’t let them rust as I will want to have a good time when I get home. Goodbye again and please don’t worry.

Your Son “Chick”

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