Letter Home – March 18, 1943

19430318-600-LscanDear Mother & Dad;

Being as its hard to get V-mail here I will have to write this way. We had mail call yesterday and I hit the jackpot. I had letters from 11 different people. So now I’m the busy bee trying to answer all of my mail. We had a real ball game last night. Hq. Pl. Played the 2nd Pl. And I had $5.00 bet on the game. They had us plenty worried many times. In the last inning with us ahead 2 to 1, I had to fill the base with one out. The next man fouled out and the last man lined a ball to me for the last out. In although it was a good game. After the game I ran a mile and then did some exercises. We run a mile and every night, four of us. Well I had better quit for tonight. I will be loving and thinking of you both. Don’t worry about me. I had three V-Mail letters from you.

Your Son “Chick”

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