Letter Home – March 14, 1943

19430314-600-LscanDear Mother & Dad;

Here it is Sunday in time for another letter to you both. A told you in my last letter that we were going to play HQ., Co. A ball game today. Well we are but it is this afternoon so, being as we played “C” company a game yesterday I will tell you a little about that game. We just didn’t have it in us yesterday to win. “C” company has a good team and along with the breaks of the ball game, we made six errors, I pitched and lost 4 to 1. I only allowed three hits but like I said the errors just didn’t help none and I made one of them myself. I don’t know but the whole team was off, so maybe we will take it out on HQ Co. this afternoon we had mail call today, and the only letter I received was a letter from “Gee”. The letter had a comical cartoon on it, but she didn’t know how it true it was. Boy have we ever been getting the food to last couple of days. One day chicken and the next day beef, then turn right around and have chicken again today. I doubt if I will ever get to see Paul Wilson, but I don’t think I will be far from Harold Colebert. If you don’t hear from me for awhile don’t worry as I won’t be able to write. I don’t know when I will move but I’m at least glad that we are going to move soon. “Gee” tells me that readers sent you a nice Valentine. I know she would send me one but I never did get it, so I’m just not getting her mail that she is writing to me. Just like the other day I received a Christmas card from Betty McCole’s sister, Dorothy Fuzak, and it was dated December 12, 1942. So you can see the mail is probably someplace, but I’m just not getting it. I seem to be getting all of your mail though, and “Gee’s” too. What all have you and dad been doing? I’ll bet ray an jean were sure happy last Sunday. Don’t forget to send me some pipe cleaners in an envelope once about every two weeks. You cant get them here, and they sure come in handy. Don’t forget now, spend all of the money I sent home if you want to, and I will be mad if you and dad deprive yourself of something when you have my money to spend. I know you both are getting old so have a good time while you can. I’ll be loving you both, goodbye.

Your Son “Chick”

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