Letter Home – June 9, 1945

19450609a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Have a bunch of your letters to answer so being this is Saturday afternoon and we have the afternoon off I’m going to catch up on my letter writing.

Not much to write about around here. I’m going on another picnic tomorrow, that is in if it’s a nice day. I think I told you that we are in the division finals of the Softball championship. We have a pretty good team. Bet pop would enjoy seeing us play.

Know you two don’t expect me home so soon. One thing for sure my fighting days are over, so you won’t have to 19450609b-Lscan-600worry about that anymore. With me being the only one in the supply now it will take me a couple of months to get caught up. But I’ll be home some day, and that’s for sure.

Say mom by the way thank Lavina Everets for the birthday card she sent me. I haven’t the time to write and think her. I’m glad to hear that Don Brown and Jimmy Ayers are okea. I kinda sweated Jimmy Ayers out as I figured he may be dead. That’s the way it goes. I wish I was one of the day lucky ones that was going home right now, but I’ll stay a little longer and be sure of getting I discharge when I get home. I have 120 points now as we were authorized another bronze star. Guess this is all for now, goodbye and I’ll write again soon.

Lots of Love
Your Son

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