Letter Home – June 4, 1945

19450604a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Not much to write about. Just finished a ball game, and we got beat 1 to 0. It was a good game, and as always, we should have won, but we didn’t. The C.O. Was sure mad at us for losing. It just wasn’t in the books for us to win. We are in the division finals, which start this Thursday. Hope we come out okea.

The weather here is sure nice. It’s warm through the day and cool at night. It has been raining quite a bit, but it doesn’t get muddy.

I surely haven’t been writing any letters at all. I bet the 19450604b-Lscan-600people surely think I’m some jerk for not writing. I did pretty good for a while, and now I just write when I feel like it. Most of the time it’s just a letter to you & dad. I haven’t even been writing to Gee.

My girl has been sick so I didn’t go on a picnic Sunday. I work all week and get little enjoyment outside of playing ball. We sure have fun on our picnics. It sure brings back memories of home. Don’t worry too much about me coming home, I’ll make it in about two months. That’s about the time I want to get home anyway. Have dad get his vacation ready, and save up the gas tickets as were going to two were the states from one in to the other, all at my expense. You & dad haven’t been any place so this is one time you’re going to go. For one month, dad so get your vacation all set. By By for now and here some pictures. There not good, but I wanted them home anyway.

Your Son

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