Letter Home – June 30, 1945

19450630a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Well now we are going to stay with the division until we get sent home. If they keep on the way they are we never will get home. But one thing you can be thankful for, and that’s that I’m not going to the Pacific. I’ll be home some day, but I just don’t know when. Just keep your fingers crossed.

The more I stay here, the more a im falling in love with my girl so I hope we move soon. I know it would break your heart if I brought her home so I won’t. I just sat back and marvel at her. Gosh ma’am I hope I find one in the states like her and if I don’t I know I’m coming back 19450630b-Lscan-600for her. But I’ll talk to you first. You can’t put things into a letter that you want to say. I know you would like her, but she can’t speak any English, and that’s another reason why I won’t bring her home. She has really won my hard though.

It has been raining quite a bit here lately. Last week it was beautiful, now this week it has rained every day. It surely put a stop to 19450630c-Lscan-600us playing ball. I’m losing all of my help tomorrow as they are going home by plane. One of the Fellows in as Tony Pryz brother Joe.

I have really become a lover of flowers. We have plenty of flowers in our front yard and I always have a large bouquet on my desk all the time.

Well I guess this is about all for now so I’ll bring this to a close. What do you think of my stationary pretty nice eh.

Goodbye to you both and I’ll be home some day. Don’t worry, and say hello to everyone for me as im not writing any letters lately.

All My Love
Your Son

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