Letter Home – June 24, 1945

19450624a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Boy I surely can’t understand this mail situation. I have been writing you and dad all the time. I’ll admit that I haven’t been writing two anyone else but you two.

Not much to write about. I pitched another no hit ball game, but I got beat 3 to 2. Too many errors. I’ve pitched three games now and two of them have been no hit ball games. But I still don’t want to pitch unless I have to.

The weather here has surely been wonderful. It was raining all the time, but this week it quit for a change.

19450624b-Lscan-600Now do you see why I don’t write very much. I just don’t have anything to write about. Oh yes, please get this idea of your head that I don’t want to come home. When they let me go I’ll go, but at the rate their sending them it will be Christmas before I get home. There is about 100 of us eligible to come home and all only 4 of them went home for the month of June. Now do you see what I mean. Guess this is all for now good by and I’ll write again soon.

Your Son

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