Letter Home – June 21, 1945

19450621a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Not much to write about, but I had better write as you will worry. Our ball team is still waiting, and we are in a three way tie for first place. All I hope is that we keep on winning. We play just about every day, and with my work I’m kept pretty busy, and have little time for letter writing. When I do get a little time in the evening, I go see my girl. She is really tops mom and if I could find one like her in America I would really be happy. Work, I never saw girl work so hard. Everything is just as neat and clean as can be. There’s only one thing wrong she doesn’t speak English. I have been with her so much now that between my German and her in English we get along  19450621b-Lscan-600swell. Love is international. I imagine we will be moving from here in about a week or so. I’m going to hate to move but then I’ll be coming home soon so I’ll have to for get everything.

The only thing to do here are as long as we have to stay, and that’s to make things as pleasant as can be. I’m in good health, little run down, but I’ll be in good shape before long. Since the war has been over and the stress is gone, life is a lot different. Well guess this is all for now so I’ll say good-bye and will write again in a few days.

Your Son

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