Letter Home – June 17, 1945

19450617a-Lscan-600Dear Father;

Today is father’s day so being as I can be at home with you, a letter from me will have to do. It’s a nice day here, the best day we have had for some time. It usually rains part of the day, but today it was good.

Well we lost in the division finals yesterday 2 to 1. It was a tough game to loose but someone had to loose. So for this year I’m still pitching 1000. I pitched my second game the other night and we won 6 to 4. The score sounds high, but there were a lot of errors. They only got three hits off of me, so you see I didn’t do too badly. I just don’t like to pitch anymore, but our other pitcher 19450617b-Lscan-600had to pitch in the tournament so I pitched. We had close to $400 Dollars Bet on the game. I have picked up a couple of hundred betting on games so far this year. I never bet much though, only 30 or 40 dollars.

Still have my and little girl here. Wish you could see her. I’m afraid I have fallen in love, but it won’t do me any good as we will be leaving here soon. For the first time in my life I think I have found someone that would make me a good wife, but its no go. I know how you and mom would feel if I would marry a foreigner. So soon I will be forgetting her, and will be coming home to you both. Still haven’t the slightest idea when I’ll be home, at the rate they are sending them, it will be about Christmas, but I’ll make it. Guess I’ll bring this to a close for now. Next father’s day I will really make it up to you. Good by, and I love you very much.

Your Son

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