Letter Home – July 30, 1944

19440729-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad

Well I had a letter from John today and he really enjoyed himself down there. He said chicken was still coming out of his in ears. He liked all of you very much he is really a swell fellow himself.

There is little to write about but I thought I had better write while I had the time. Please don’t worry if my letters are a little late but I guess it will have to be that way. I’ll write when I can you both know that. Tell everyone hello for me as I haven’t the time to write to them now.

The weather is sure hot here now, boy is it miserable. The nights are cool so we can at least sleep well. We had American beer and cake the other night. It was sure good. Well I know this is short, but it’s all I have time for. Good bye to you both and I love you very much. I’ll always be thinking of you.

Your Son,

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