Letter home – July 27, 1943

Vmail - 19430727Dear Mother & Dad;
This is the second letter that I have wrote since I have been here so you see you can’t expect too much mail from me. As long as you are in combat, you move so much that it’s impossible to write.  The people seem glad that we are here, dad you would be a surprise at the number that can speak English.  A lot of them came back to see their families and then the war broke out so they could not go back.  They have little food here and of course the people lined the streets as we go by asking for candy, gum, and cigarettes.  I thought when we left Africa of that we would get away from that, but no soap.  Oh yes! Sunday I went to two churches one a High Mass an Benediction in the morning and then Benediction in the evening.  Boy if they have some beautiful church is over here.  Well this is all the news I have left so good bye and don’t worry.  I’ll be loving you both.
Your Son “Chick”

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