Letter Home – July 14, 1945 (with audio)

19450714a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Well the time has come and I’m coming home. We are to leave the company the 17th of July, and within about three weeks I should be home and a civilian. Now don’t get too excited about me coming home as many things can happen. I just wanted you to know I was coming so you would not be too excited when I call you on the phone. I don’t want you to meet me in Chicago. I want to meet you at home. Tell dad when I call from Chicago, he can get the day off because I want to see both of you at once and smother you both with kisses and hugs. Now don’t think I’m of big baby if I break down and cry, but I have missed both of you so much that you will never know how much. 19450714b-Lscan-600Good by and just cross your fingers and pray that I make it.

All My Love
Your Son

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