Letter Home – July 13, 1945

19450627a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

I told you not to worry about me and my girl. I thought the same way you did so I’ll wait until I get home, and if I still love her and they lifted the fraternization law all send for her. The way I see it now she would make me a wonderful wife, but we will see.

There’s nothing to write about these days. Plenty of rumors about going home but no action. They just don’t seem to be in any hurry these days. I figure I might be home by August if I’m lucky. I’ll let you know more later.

Yes I should be S/Sgt but they froze all of the ratings in 19450713b-Lscan-600the division in I couldn’t get it. The company commander tried, but it just won’t go through so I’ll just have to settle with being a T/4. I don’t care if I’m just a buck private if they would only send me home.

Guess I’ll bring this to a close for now. Good by and I’ll write again soon. I have a bunch more pictures on the way home again.

All My Love

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