Letter Home – July 1, 1945

19450701a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Not much to write about but I had some negatives to send so I thought I would drop you a line. I dreamed of coming home last night, but then I had to wake up and find myself in Salzburg.

Went on a picnic today. We really had a lot of fund to. Boy I wish you could see the scenery here mother it’s really beautiful. The only thing I hated about this country is that it rains all the time.

We haven’t been able to play any of our ball games because it has been raining. Are old ball team is starting to break up as the old men are going home.

19450701b-Lscan-600Had a letter from Snook today. Seems as tho he is going to be stuck for a while. Oh well it’s better to be over here than going to the south Pacific.

Oh yes our division receive the presidential citation for our work at Colmar. Anzio was worse than anything we have ever been through, and we never received a thing for it. That’s the way the army goes tho.

Guess this is all for now so I’ll say good-bye. Here is some pictures for my books. Oh yes. Here’s what I look like now so don’t get too excited as you will find out I have changed quite a bit since I left home. By By

Your Son

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