Letter Home – January 24, 1945

19450124a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad,

Here it is two days passed your birthday dad, and I didn’t write you a birthday letter. Happy birthday now anyway. I’ve been on a pass for a change. Had a fine day rest, first one in over a year. The last five day rest I had was last October in Naples, Italy. I really enjoyed myself this time. I went two Strasbourg to visit the friends I had made while we were there. It was pretty risky to go there, but it was worth it. Sometimes I wish the “Krouts” would have surrounded the place & left me in there.

I would’ve liked to have gone to visit bud, but he was too far from me, and I just about froze going to Strasbourg. I was 19450124b-Lscan-600sick most of the time I was there. I wasn’t what you would call sick but I had a hard time keeping something on my stomach. It was just like being home, they fixed everything you could think of to eat for me & I just couldn’t eat.

It really felt good to crawl in between two clean sheets again and a nice feather bed. Boy I slept like a baby. It’s hard to for get friends like those kind of people. Margot, that’s the daughter is 21 years old, and speaks English as good as I or a I should say better than I do because she speaks correct English. She is going to become a professor of languages. She only speaks five languages. I wish I could meet a girl like her in the states. She’s everything a man could ask for. There’s only one thing wrong, and that is she’s a a foreigner. 19450124c-Lscan-600I wouldn’t marry a foreigner for love nor money. She would never when a beauty prize but she’s just what you would call a nice girl.

It released node a while I was there and I was beginning to wonder whether I was going to make it back but there was plenty of traffic and I made it easy. You should see the snow here now, wow its really getting deep.

Did I tell you I received your package with the soup & caramels in it thanks a lot. I also received some more of those pills, but I haven’t any use for them at all.

The only thing I want from home is soup, Velveeta cheese, salami, mustard, mayonnaise. If you can’t get all of this and one package maybe you can use it for another one. Be sure you don’t send a spam or spiced meats. Send something like baloney & minced ham. Just a long as it has the skin peeling left on it. Guess this is all for now, so I’ll say good-bye. All my love.

Your Son,

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