Letter Home – February 6, 1945

19450206a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad,

Received a few more of your letters, they are beginning to catch up with me. These were dated Dec 30, Jan 5, 10, 11, 13th, 22nd so now I’ll take time to answer them. I had to laugh when you said it was colder here than at home. Maybe it was at the time you wrote the letter but now it has warmed up and has started raining. Now we have the mud to contend with. Snook and I surely get a kick out of you and Gee trying to keep track of us. I haven’t been with the 7th Army since Christmas. We have been with the French. Hope we do go back to our own army soon or get relieved. I don’t know where Snook is but he can’t be too far from me as his mail comes to me within a few days. Boy I can’t 19450206b-Lscan-600imagine Bernard weighing 190 pounds. I’m still the same. Last time I weighed was Strasbourg and I weighed 140 pounds. Not much but as long as I’m healthy that’s what counts. Maybe I’ll get fat some day. Ha ha. I’m starting to get a bald head. All of us fellows are either getting gray hair or their hair is coming out. I don’t care though. I know my Mom and Dad loves me if no one else will, ha ha. I have a letter here that I want you to keep for me. It’s to one of the fellows that used to be in the company. He was one of the fellows that was hurt when we had the accident last year. I’m also enclosing some propaganda leaflets that the Germans throw at us. Some baloney, eh? Also here is a picture of our “tank dozer” put it in my scrap book. You can keep this letter for a request if you wish. Send me any thing 19450206c-Lscan-600you want to I’ll eat it. By By and I’ll write again soon.
Lots of love
Your Son,

P.S. Mom will you please think Mr.Fist for the card he sent me.

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