Letter Home – February 28, 1945

19450228a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Well here I am in the hospital I fought it all for quite a while but I was losing weight and everyone said I was crazy for not going to the hospital. I have “Yellow Jaundice” ha, ha. I look like a chinaman. I feel swell and it times I lose my appetite out side of that im okea. I am in a new hospital and they aren’t not really set up good as yet. They treat us swell and have put all of the jaundice cases on a special diet.

There is little I can tell you on how long I will be in the hospital. Just keep sending my mail to the company and they will keep it for me until I get back. You don’t have to 19450228b-Lscan-600write is often as you have been unless you want to. You can make them from long letters instead of V-mail. Tell Gee & the rest of the people that right to me the same way.

Some people say I’ll be here a month and some say longer. So it looks as if I’ll be without mail for some time. You both can quit worrying about me now as I won’t be in combat for a couple of months. Maybe the war will be over by the time I get back to the company.

Paul Wilson was at Dijon but now he has move up to Nancy. He was out two see me, and brought me some magazines. There are a few of the Fellows from the company in this hospital with me so I get to talk to them and it’s not so lonesome.

19450228c-Lscan-600What gripes me the most is that we had been on the line for six months without a saying gold days relief, then we get relieved and I get sick. Boy if that don’t be all. Well anyway I’ll be getting a lot of sleep and a good rest here in the hospital.

Guess this is all for now and you will have to excuse the writing as it’s not easy to write in bed on a magazine. By By & say hello to everyone for me.

Your Son,

If the at any time you can write to me in care of the hospital I’ll let you know. So until then just keep a writing the company.

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