Letter Home – February 22, 1944

19440222a-Letter Scan - pg1Dear Mother & Dad,
Just receive five letters from you so will answer them right away and then I won’t get behind. I also had a couple of letters from the Conants. They wanted to know how my folks were. They really are nice people. We will have to go out and visit them on dads vacation. The vacation will do you both good.
Here is the way I received your letters. Feb 2,3,4,7 & 10. So I will answer all of your questions. Sgt Evans received the silver star. Well they can have all of their medals, just so this kid gets home safe and sound in one piece.
I received a box of popcorn the other day, and today popcorn and marshmallows. Yes that’s everything I sent home in the box. Yes mom any pictures I sent home be 19440222b-Letter Scan-pg2sure and have a copy made for Brewing & send them to his folks. He will pay me here. Keep the best picture of the two because sometimes one print turns out better than the other. Gee can do the sorting. Those negatives I have had with me since Africa and the sun ruinied them that’s the reason they look the way they do. I lost over four rolls on account of the hot weather in Sicily and Africa. You see it’s not easy to get them developed so they can be censored and sent home. I have to wait until we are near a good size town to get them developed. Yes Tanies brother is still here with me & Joe Waters driving a truck. I bet that kitchen is really something. No I haven’t heard from Norman Lewis for over a year now. I don’t know where he is. Well I guess this is all for now, things are about the same here, but I 19440222c-Letter Scan-Pg3know you follow the papers anyway. Goodbye and I’ll write again soon.
All my Love
Your Son,

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