Letter Home – February 17, 1945

19450217a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad,

I have been pretty busy lately so haven’t had much time to write to anyone. Every time we come out of combat they always start throwing inspections at us, and getting us re-equipped again. Well we are in combat everyone just Carries what he wants to and throws the rest away. So now we are getting re-equipped again. We had an inspection yesterday and it was really swell. I took some pictures of it and will send them two you some of these days.

The old 3rd. Division was cited by the French army with the Croix de Guerre. Not much but it’s another battle stream are attached to our flag. If we are cited twice, we are entitled 19450217b-Lscan-600to wear a cord around are shoulder. But we will probably never get it again. I have a little clipping for my scrap book so would you please put it in for me.

Had a close call the other night. The German tank was firing harassing fire from across the rhine the other night and he put one right through our building. Ha, ha, it went through the roof down through the floor ran along under the floor and then hit something hard and back up in the attic again. We dug it out the next day. Lucky it was a dud. Funny things sure happen. Just wasn’t our time I guess.

I have three letters hear dated Jan 31, Feb 1, and 2nd. So I will answer your questions. I think I will be able to see Bud 19450217c-Lscan-600& Eddie Hart pretty soon. Yes, Mom the letters are coming much faster. ( say while I think of it, please send me the comic magazine of Dagwood and Blondie I’d get such a kick out of him ) too bad about Jimmy Ayers, but that’s the way it goes. So your writing for me to fix the kitchen. Well I have forgotten all I ever knew so maybe you had better get someone else, ha, ha. Guess this is all for now. I received a package of film & the funny papers with the printing paper in it.

By By for now. All My Love

Your Son,

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