Letter home – August 18, 1943

19430818-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

By now you should have read all of the news about Sicily. The deeply will get the rest now at least I hope so. Did I ever tell you that I saw Palermo. It was a beautiful city and I thought it would have been destroyed by bombs but only the docks were damaged. A few of the bombs hit uptown. I have a little folder to send home but cannot send it until the censors let it pass. Say have you ever received the negatives yet. I would like to see what they look like but I have seen everything anyway. They told us today that you could send our Christmas packages between September 15th to October 15th and you do not need a request. Just as long as it does not exceed 5 pounds. Measure 15 inches by 36 inches length and girth overall. Don’t send any clothing. But what ever you send be sure it is wrapped good. Anyone that wants to can send them but you are only allowed to send one package a week. Goodbye and I’ll write again soon. Don’t worry.

Your son “Chick”

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