Letter Home – April 9, 1944

19440409a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Today is Easter Sunday, and a gloomy day it is. The weather has been swell for the last two weeks just like summer, but today it has to rain. I was going over and see Snook today but the weather put a stop to that. He was over here to see me Friday but couldn’t stay long. He came over on a British motorcycle. They did have a German motorcycle but traded it for if the British one. We had a nice talk together.

I went to mass today, the first time in about two months. It’s pretty hard to get to go now but I go every chance I get. I’m sorry for not writing more 19440409b-Lscan-600often but there is nothing to write about at all and I get tired of saying the same thing over and over. There are so many little things to do here that it keeps you on the go all of the time. I did get to see another show. Lena Horne and Bill Roberson in “Sstormy Weather” I it was a good show. Funny what a fellow world due to see a show. Here it is raining and we had to walk to the show. It’s quite a treat as we very seldom get to see a show.

I’m going to try and answer all of my letters to day and that’s really a job. There are quite a few and nothing to write in them. I have sent home another package. There are a lot of postcard pictures of Africa, Sicily and 19440409c-Lscan-600Italy also a book on Pompeii. There are three bracelets in there that I have been caring around in my barracks bag and they got all the mashed up. If you can get them fixed, give one to yourself, Esther and Gee. They would cost quite a bit if they had been imported from here too the U.S.. Out here they are fairly cheap. To me they look cheap but you may think their beautiful.

Did you and dad put on your Easter bonnet and go to mass. Did you get yourselves any new outfits for Easter. While this time next year I should be home and we will go to mass together. Well I guess this is all I have to say for now so goodbye to you both and I love you from the bottom of my heart

Your Son,

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