Letter Home – May 7, 1944

19440507a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad,

I have just arrived home from Mass so while I have a little time before chow, I thought I had better write home. There is nothing to write about as usual, but we did get to go two a show last night. It was too silly to be any good so I didn’t enjoy it very much.

We play cards most of the spare time we have, and that’s after dark. We play in our dugout. Pinochle is the favorite game at the present.

Had a big mail call last night and I hit the jackpot. I received 12 letters, not bad, eh? The only trouble is now that I will 19440507b-Lscan-600have to answer them. Had a letter from Rita, and she still thinks you and dad are tops. She’s a swell girl and I like her an awful lot but whether she will make a wife for me we will have to wait for some time after I get back to be sure. Right now I am only interested in getting back.

Well I didn’t get to finish this till after chow and also a formation. We received our “Good Conduct” medals this afternoon. Some day I will send my campaign ribbons home. We have about four bronze stars coming on our campaign ribbons. We are the only division in the U.S. army that holds that honor.

We have a ball game to play tonight. We are playing a 19440507c-Lscan-600quartermaster outfit. Maybe we will win and maybe we won’t, but at least it will be fun playing. I think after the war is over I’ll give up playing ball, and devote myself to be a home loving citizen. Of course Harold, Ormond, and I plan on taking a trip but after that I’m through. By by and I love you both very much.

Your Son,

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