Letter Home – May 30, 1945

19450530a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Well we are enjoying a holiday today. Thats what I like because I can sleep late. Even had Joe Pryz bring my breakfast in bed to me, ha ha. Lazy aren’t I.

Well dad I pitched my first game of ball last night and won 3 to 0. I just haven’t had the confidence in pitching this year so I haven’t started. Well last night I pitched a no hit, no run ball game. You should have heard the gang howl. I don’t know but I just don’t like to pitch anymore. Had a good team behind me tho.

Well mom Here’s a present for you from my girl. They 19450530b-Lscan-600are handmade and she made them herself. There for handkerchiefs in case you didn’t know, ha ha. You can say you at least had one souvenir from Austria. I am always telling her how swell my mother and dad are. So she ups and gives me these for you. Sorry Pop she didn’t have anything for you.

Nothing new going on here. They don’t censor mail anymore so ask me any questions you would like to know. I have 115 points now and if my Purple Heart comes through I’ll have 120. Also was put in for the bronze star, but doubt very much if I get it. Was put in for the silver star at Anzio but didn’t get it. Well this is all for now. By By and will write more later. Lots of Love and I’m always thinking of you.

Your Son

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