Letter home – May 20, 1943

19430520a-Lscan  Dear Mother & Dad;
We have had about two or three male calls this week and I am still way behind on my letter writing.  I received the books to day and as for the films keep them until I tell you to send them I have about six rolls left now and they will last me quite awhile I could send them two they base sensor and have them developed but I know that they would take some of them out so I will keep them until the war is over.
You know I was just laying here thinking of the time we went to see uncle Howe at Rockford, when I was home on furlough.  It’s a shame that he moved away.  Have you heard from him lately.
Not much is happening around here now and 19430520b-Lscanwe have little to do at the present.  I think I told you before about seeing all of the German Equipment here did and I.  Some of it was into resting all of the equipment is well made, but the trouble is that can’t make it as fast as U.S..  We went down to the beach this afternoon for a swim.  The water was just as clear as it could be.  I was the last one out of the water and eve and then I hated to go home.  We had a fine show here last night, jack Benny in” George Washington slept here”.  Boy was it ever funny.  There is another showdown at the medics tonight so I may go down there.
Tell Mae Barber & Mrs. Diltz that I will write to them one of these days, but when you have quite a few to write to its hard to catch up.  I would have loved to answer all of 19430520c-Lscanthe birthday and Easter but I burnt then up before I had time to answer them.  I received a million of them two thank every one and tell them why I didn’t write.
We take pills here about four times a week for malaria.  It makes about half of the company six for 1/2 day including yours truly but you get over it.
You know now you don’t have to have the C.O. signature two send packages.  Just the APO#.  So if billy has any funny books send them along also anything you think I could use.  No tobacco as I use very little and can get it here.  I can always use candy.  I fixed my pen see don’t need to worry about it.  I imagine you felt pretty badly from not hearing from me on mother’s day but I just couldn’t write at that time.  Please forgive me.  Even 19430520d-Lscanthough mother’s day has passed here is the home I was going to write to you.

To my mother
To one who bears the sweetest name
and adds a luster to the same
Who shares my joys,  who cheers when said
the greatest friend I ever had
Long live to her for there’s no other
could take the place of my dear mother

I thought of you and dad it all day that day an I know that you were thinking of me.  I’ll be home soon and then we will make up for lost time.  Dad tell all of the gang up at the store two write & tell Charlie Shepard, Mannie, Irma & all thanks for the cards.  I’ll write them soon.  God bless you both an I will be loving and thinking of you all the time
Your Son “Chick”

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