Letter Home – May 13, 1945

19450513a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

So today is mother’s day. I’m sure I’ll be home by next mother’s day. Oh yes, before I for get it there is one of my boyfriends coming home on T. D. He lives in Chicago and said he would either call you or come down and pay you a visit. So if he comes down, really treat him swell. One thing he likes, and that is, he likes to eat. We have been together ever since I have been in the army.

Another thing I have been made a T/4 today. Maybe you can do a little bragging to Mrs. Nelson, ha, ha. I have really been too busy to write so now that I’m catching up on my work, I’ll have a little more time to write letters. Lord only knows I have plenty to answer.

19450513b-Lscan-600Now look mom. According to this point system I will probably be home to stay one of these days. But don’t look for me too soon. I am now the supply Sargent, and as yet there is no one to take my place. I can sweat out the war over here so please don’t expect me home too soon. I have a few of your letters to answer so I’ll answer them. They are dated March 24, April 1,5,6,8,10,12,18,21,24,24,26,27

19450513c-Lscan-600I have had letters from Jr. Squire, Delbert McCulley, Ormand Hixson and Paul Wilson, but as yet I haven’t had time to answer them. I’m glad you liked your Easter present. Wish I could have did more, but I’ll wait until I’m home. Thanks for all of the cards. You ask about the C paper and if I am getting my packages. Yes I am getting the paper & packages. Yesterday I received three packages. One from you, Gee and Pat Smith. I don’t know what I’m going to do about Pat & Rita. Boy I’m really in hot water, ha, ha. I surely got a kick out of you saying that Bernard bought you a steak instead of giving you flowers. Thank the Millers for the birthday card. I just can’t write to everyone.

Well there really wasn’t so many questions to answer, but I did my best. Boy but it’s getting hot here. We are in a big valley surrounded by mountains so you can see its plenty hot. What they are going to do with us, I don’t know.

Well guess I’ll call it quits for this time and will write again soon. By By and if you want too you can stop the Champaign paper, or just let the subscription run out.  Write when you have time and say hello to everyone for me.

Your Son

Mother have these negatives developed and send the prints back to me. This is the grave of my boy friend at Anzio and I want to send the pictures to his mother.

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