August 24, 1944 – Thursday

SONY DSCWe moved today about 20 miles. Crossed the Duvance river by fording it. We pulled into one area and stayed about an hour. Then moved to the next area. We had to unload the truck and go back after the TNT. We took it on up to the front to a forward dump. We really made it forward to. We went through two towns that the infantry hadn’t even been through. Come to find out that the infantry was 10 miles away from us. The towns were full of the F.F.I. and what a time we had. The people mobbed us started kissing us on both cheeks raising all kinds of hell. They took us to one tavern and we thought we were going to get beer, but it was pop instead. We finally got away and went back to the SONY DSCcompany only to find that they had left for a new bivouac. We stayed all night back at the place we had dumped our supplies.

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