May 28, 1944 – Sunday

SONY DSCThis is really Tuesday that I am writing this on. I have been in the hospital. Last night we were resting along the side of the road. I must have been asleep at the time, and was also knocked out. A truck had ran over the side of the bank and had ran over six of us. When I came to, I looked up and saw I was under the truck. There was a lot of moaning going on and I crawled out from underneath. My side hurt a little and I was vomiting. Vince Badali was pinned under the rear wheels and the truck had to be lifted to get him out. We were all rushed to the hospital. Miner had a broken leg, Reeves a broken shoulder,  Ross shoulder was hurt, also his hip and chest. Badali was a mess and was breathing hard. He kept hollering for me. Seal was shaken up quite a bit also. I still don’t understand how I got out of that without a scratch. Badali was on one side of me and the rear wheels were on top of him. The front wheels had both passed over me and never touched me. I remember that I was curled up in a knot so I must have been just small enough to get missed. I was very lucky. I was in the hospital all day today, and part of Monday.

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