September 7, 1944 – Thursday

SONY DSCWe spent the whole night in town. We were on one side of the river and the Germans on the other. There was quite a few snipers in town and you had to be pretty careful. Shots were ringing out all over. We worked as long as we had equipment to work with and then laid down and went to sleep. I slept in a church. We were up early and went back to the company to eat. Then went back to work on the bridge. We had a nice time working as there was a big crowd and all of the girls wanted kisses and the older folks brought us out Champagne, wine and whisky. We worked all day. I had a girl that had been hanging around all day making eyes at me so when we would get a break I would go over and talk to her. When we finished the bridge we had to go out to the company but I was to meet her tonight. Well I came back but she wasn’t there so I didn’t wait. I had a pretty good time though. The Germans are shelling the city so I took off for home.

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