Oct 20, 1943 – Wednesday

SONY DSCWow!  Oh my god!  4:30 AM we came tearing out of the tent as we were being shelled.  The first shell hit and Wellman who was on guard at the time came in and woke us up.  I asked him where the first shot landed because if it was 500 ft away I was going back to sleep.  But then sh-sh-sh-sh-snap and dirt flew all over the tent.  I hollered “that’s enough for me” and out I came.  We were shelled for about an hour.  Some came close and some far as 500 ft away.  The rest of the day was quiet.  I played a little cards.  Wrapped my Christmas package to mom and dad, layed around the rest of the day.  We always start an argument just before we go to bed and every one gets a good laugh out of it.

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