Letter Home – September 12, 1944

19440912a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad

It seems as though I keep bragging this country up. It really is beautiful though. Everything is so green & the farmers keep everything so neat as can be. The hills look like a large golf course. The people are still the same wherever we go. They treat us as kings. We get plenty of milk eggs & etc. One of these days we will stop & when we do I’ll answer all of your letters. Had a mail call the other day, and I received 40 letters. I have little time to write, so they won’t be answered for some time to come.

You ask what I wanted for Christmas. Well I guess I’ll 19440912b-Lscan-600shock you a little bit. I would like some good whiskey. I doubt if they inspect Christmas packages so you should be able to get it through easy. Tell everyone that’s what I want. But be sure that its package really good as it will take quite a beating. I know it will go through as a lot of the kids here are getting bottles right along. I seldom trait but this “rot gut” they have here is terrible, so I would like to have good stuff. It’s going to be plenty cold here this winter and a little nip now and then is not going to hurt anyone. The doctors give you a shot of American whiskey here when you have a bad cold so I might just as well have my own. You can throw and some candy bars, cookies, popcorn or what ever you think I would like. Be sure the bottle is in the center of the package and packed so it won’t break. I won’t have time to write two everyone so tell them that’s what I want & if I get too much it will always keep. Please don’t think I drink mom and dad because you will be mistaken. As I said before just once in awhile. Even if they do inspect the packages & you have a little candy on top it will get by Okea. At least the other kids packages do.

Guess this is all for now & it looks as if I’ll spend another Christmas over here. Goodbye and tell everyone what I want. By, By two you both and I’ll write again soon

Your Son,

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