Letter Home – October 10, 1943

19431010-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad,
Today it is Sunday and I will take a few minutes to drop you a line. We are keeping the Jerries on the move and each mile they fall back I get that much closer to home. It’s really something to me to see the look on their people faces when we go through a town just after in has been taken. They cheer at us and wave us onward. They give us wine, champagne, grapes and all sorts of fruit. It is much different than Sicily. The Germans were fairly good to their people until the surrender and now they are plundering everything. I guess that’s the main reason the people are so glad to see us. It’s a shame that the war had to be fought in Italy, but I guess that’s the way it will have to be. If you could only see what war does to a town. It’s hard to explain and I don’t think the people back home would believe me if I told them what it’s like. Goodbye for now and I will write soon. I love you both very much.
Your Son

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