Letter Home – November 30, 1944

19441130-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad,

Received a letter with the stamps in it, thanks a million. But pretty sure my letters, just as fast Free as they do air mail. Sorry that I have been a little slow in writing the last few days but you know how it is when you’re busy.

Still there is little I can’t write about. I did get to take a good shower. In fact I was so dirty I took to showers. Boy I think I finally got the Anzio dirt off of me. ha ha. They really felt good. We should be getting in the news at home, as our division is doing some good work.

Had a letter from John Collins the other day, he surely thinks a lot of you and dad. He said he wished he could come down Christmas but doesn’t think it can make it. I still have all your letters to answer when I get the time so you can expect a long letter one of these days. By By for now.

Your Son,

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