Letter Home – November 19, 1944

19441119 missed-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad,

Not much to write about. The going is a little slow so that also makes it hard to find some things to write about. (pardon me while I think of it please send me some olives ) we just had a mail call and one of the Fellows, in his package received some olives, and they are surely good. I also received a package from May Barber. Mail is sure slow here, how is it coming at home now any faster? Did you receive my pictures yet? I have some more to send to you. The one pictures of the Anzio landing.

Did I tell you I had a letter from Eddie Hart. He is in the 3rd army 35th division. He said that Orval Strodle was attached to his outfit. I doubt if I will ever get to see him as he is too far from me. We have been able to see a show now and then move so that helps us to some enjoyment I know this isn’t much of a letter but it’s about the best I can do. Good by to you both & I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Your Son,

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