Letter Home – March 29, 1943

19430329-600-LscanDear Mother & Dad;

Here it is Sunday night and I had better get you out a letter. Not much has been happening around here to write about but I will have to say something to take up the space. What all has been happening around home? I bet they are sure taking them fast in the draft now. I’m sure glad I went in the army when I did, then to be going in now. You seem to get a little training and then bang go over you go. Has “Snook” left the states yet. I had a letter from and the other day and he said that little hairy had been in a fight and came out with a black eye. Ha, ha, I can just see him now. I also had a letter from billy and just as soon as I get time I’m going to answer it, but in the meantime tell him hello for me and that he has a letter on the way. Pay day should be coming up one of these days for us. We only get paid once every two months now. Have you ever received my $10.00 increase in my allotment yet? This numbering the letters is getting me down, I keep forgetting what number I put on the last one, but I write you, or should I say I try to write you on Wednesdays and Sundays. So far I haven’t failed yet. I think I told you I had a letter from Mr. Kuhn good night? He didn’t have much to say, he was mostly from a business angle. It was something new though and I enjoyed it very much. Boy has the weather ever been bad around here lately. Wow! It has been raining and blowing every day for the last week and a half. Sometimes I think my tent is going to rip right down the middle. You should have seen the laundry I did today. I just threw it in a bucket of water, gave it a few plunges with my plunger (the plunger is tin can on the end of a stick) and then hung up. I think the it looks just as bad as before I put it in. Have you and dad been to any shows lately? I went to one this afternoon. I had already seen it go about four years ago. The name of it was bob hope in ” thanks for the memories”. Goodbye mother and dad and I will be thinking and loving you both from the bottom of my heart.


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