Letter Home – March 11, 1945

19450311-Lscan-600Dear Mother, Dad & Gee;

Guess I might just as well make this letter to all three of you as I haven’t much to say anyway. I’m just not in the mood to write letters. I’m trying to answer all I have here, and I should get them finished one of these days. The Dr. said I had a couple more weeks in here yet. The way I feel now, I would just as soon go back to duty as two lay around here. Did I ever think all of you for the valentines. If not thanks a million. Boy the food in the hospital is sure lie low sea. They should have better food then they served here. I know because we get better food in that division. This is just a new hospital and they don’t know the ropes over here yet. Well guess this is all for now so I’ll say good-bye.

Lots of Love,

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