Letter home – July 4, 1943

Vmail - 19430704Dear Mother & Dad;
Being as today is Sunday, I can catch up on my letter writing. How’s everything at home, OK? I have received your long letter yet but so far I have all the others for the month of June of 2 June 10th your 5th letter. Dad, so you have all of your windows painted. Good for you. I wish I was home to help you. Well it is not going to be long now. Yes I got the pipe and paper. I wrote you a long letter and answered all of your questions in all of your letters so you should get that one soon. I also wanted a Kaywoodie pipe, and only Kaywoodie, no others will do. I haven’t received any of the comic books, but I will soon. It’s still the same here, you go to the show at night and that’s about all the enjoyment you have. They also play a little pinochle now and then. Well mother and dad good bye for now and I’ll write whenever I can.
Your Son “Chick”

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