Letter Home – January 27, 1943

Your Mother and Dad
Well we finally won a ball game. We played another engineer outfit Sunday and won 5 to 4. I thought we were going to get beat though as we were behind 421 until the first of the 7th and then we made four runs. I got one hit, a triple, flew out once, and walked wants. How are headquarter platoon was in the battalion volleyball tournament but was beat the first game so we are out of it. We play volleyball just about every evening until dark. As just about all of the recreation we get here. Did I tell you I was going to have a tooth pulled? It is a back jaw tooth. I have a temporary (I hope I spelled that right) filling in it now. I’m in no hurry to have it pulled so whenever the dentist has time, out it will come. The rest of my teeth are good though. This one has been giving me some trouble though. I hope all of you are well and in good health. I had a small cold but it took about two days to get rid of it. Goodbye and write whenever you can.
Your Son “Chick”

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