Letter Home – January 21, 1945

19450121-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad,

Well I still haven’t a thing to write about, but I had better let you know that I’m okea. But I surely wish this damn war would come to an end pretty soon, but I don’t see how it possibly can and until this summer. I even received a $25.00 bet that I had made last year, to day. The boy is in the state’s now, but he bet me that the war would be over last Christmas, and it looks like I’ll win $35.00 more this Christmas as I have made the same bet. People are too optimistic about this war in ding so soon. They should be over here, & then they would see how fast it is going to end. These Germans are plenty tough. I know this isn’t much of a letter but at the present time I’m just not in the mood for writing letters. By By

Your Son,

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