Letter Home – January 13, 1943

Dear Mother & Dad;
Well I herd from you to-day so I will try and answer it right away. I am well and fine and I am sorry to here that Dad & Gee were sick. You still don’t know where I am yet but you should know where I am by now. You know that Luther boy that you wrote me about, well he was in the ship right ahead of us. You know what he said about some of the ships well the ship we were on went down. I guess I can tell you this now but I was afraid to before. Some of the things he told you were true but he kinda exaggerated it a little bit. But most of it was true especially the snipers.
Harold Colbert landed at a different place that we did. So maybe I will see him some time. I still don’t know where Paul Wilson is. The weather here sure has been terrible here. The sun hardly shines any more. We are in the rainy season now though so it will soon change. I received a card from Margaret to-day also so tell her hello for me and that I am thinking of her and as soon as I get her address I will write her a letter. I herd from Uncle Sam to-day also. Tell Betty McCole thanks for the ring Rosary and when I get time I will drop her a line. When ever you write to me from now on write them V-mail airmail. They go three times as fast. I surley owe the letters. I havent wrote to any body for a long time including you and dad. I am typing this candle light so I hope it turns out OK. I bet Mrs. Grierson is having a fit as I have only wrote her two letters since I have been here. Tell them all hello and for them to write me even thought they don’t here from me. Boy one thing that I look forward to is mail call. I know you look forward to getting my letters so I will do everything in my power to write to you at least once or twice a week, mostly twice. Well folks good by and I will be thinking of you all.
YOUR SON “Chick”

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