Letter Home – February 5, 1943

Dear Mother and Dad;

Well I have a wrote you for some time but I have my reasons so don’t worry. I have been pretty busy and haven’t had time. Also I haven’t had much to say so I might as well not write till I do have something to say. I told “Gee” that I went to see an all old roman and Arabic rule and and it was sure a treat. I have studied them in school, but never expected to get to see one. It was all bill before Christ was born so you can imagine that it was quite old. It was divided into two separate parts. One was Arabic and the other was when the Romans came and conquered the Arabs and then they took over. It was very in arresting and again I say that I’m glad that I got to see it. I’m getting pretty close to Harold Colbert so maybe one of these days I will get to see him.19430205-Lscan

You asked me what kind of chow we ate, it is all American Food but you get tired of eating such things as, well here’s what we get most of the time. For breakfast we get, either, fresh eggs, pancakes, or powdered eggs, with Vienna sausage, or bacon, (which Israel salty) the cereal, a slice of bread with jam, and orange, and of course a drink which is always coffee. For dinner it’s Vienna sausage, spam sliced, weiner’s and sauerkraut, Nellie get one of those three with potatoes (dehydrated) (sometimes fresh potatoes) peas and carrots, oranges, and a drink (which is either a grapefruit juice or eight women drink). For supper, it’s hard telling what you may get. 1st either hash, Stu, corned beef, Chile, macaroni with spinach, peas and carrots, fruit, bread and jam, and a drink which is most of the time tea. We get a lot of juice and fruit. They are pretty good meals but you get tired of eating the same thing over and over. I’ll be glad when I get home and set down to a good home cooked meal. Then I will probably not be able to eat it. Goodbye and thanks again for the candy. I’ll be thinking of you both all the time and say hello to everyone for me


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