Letter Home – February 26, 1943

19430226-600-LscanDear Mother and Dad;

I received a bunch of letters and another package. Thank you very much but I didn’t need it Mother. You see we get all of the writing paper and envelope Sweeney, and we get furnished with all of the gum and life savers. You had them time to perfect though as we have to buy our life savers and gum now as we have a P.X. Set up, so I should have plenty of gum now. I went into town the other day and there wasn’t anything there are at all. The town is small and with so many soldiers in town that makes it all the smaller. Too bad about Mildred’s sister isn’t it? I received my first letter from Rita the other day and she says that she is still waiting for me into a hurry home. She has been writing to me but I never did get them. I think someday I will set down and write you a drill long letter and answer all of your questions. Goodbye and write.

Love you both “Chick”

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